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Wild Game Food Plots
Welcome to Wild Game Food Plots

At Wild Game Food Plots we understand many hunters do not have the time or equipment necessary to establish and maintain a high quality food plot. Wild Game Food Plots will help you to create a wild game planner for establishing a great plot that will help attract and hold wildlife, including deer and turkeys.

We have teamed up and become a distributor for Pennington Wildlife Seed Company. Wild Game Food Plots and Pennington Seed Company can help landowners, lessees and hunters establish a successful year round food plot. We offer the highest quality seed and fertilizers on the market today.

Our goal at Wild Game Food Plots is to help hunters like ourselves create a successful year-round food plot that will attract and hold a variety of wildlife. We take the guesswork out of designing, seed choices, proper time of the year for planting, how much fertilizer to use, etc. on your food plot. Let us help you create a wildlife planner that will give you the confidence that your food plot will be worth your investment.

Pennington Seed Company

  • Create a Wild Game Planner
  • Food Plot Location & Design
  • Site Preparation
  • Seed Selection
  • Fertilizer Selection
  • Plot Maintenance
  • Soil Testing
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